Esteworld Hair Removal

What is Esteworld Laser Hair Removal

Esteworld Wide Laser epilation is the most preferred aesthetic operation in the world. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people leave this operation as a result of the builder and generally pleased.

Protective eye shields are placed over your eyes to prevent damage to your cornea or retinas prior to laser hair removal treatment.
The hair to be treated will be covered for a few millimeters from the surface of the skin. A cold gel or special cooling device will be used to protect the outer layers of your skin.
This will also make the treatment more effective by making it easier to penetrate the laser beam through the skin.

Less irritation and irritation than other methods and a permanent solution after a certain session. If you are bored with traditional methods repeatedly, you can opt for laser epilation.

This method, which is usually preferred by men, is a surgical operation using laser technology to get rid of unwanted hair.

Esteworld Wide Laser Hair Removal How to make an answer.

Laser technology works by destroying the color pigments in the hair. Special cooling technology can be applied without damaging the skin without burning. Individual hair follicles are targeted. Laser systems are made using different hoods and types according to the laa.

What are Laser Hair Removal Types?

  •         Alexandrite laser (755 nm wavelength)
  •         Ruby laser (694 nm)
  •         Diode laser (800-810 nm)
  •         Intense light sources (590-1200 nm)
  •         Nd: oil laser (1064 nm)

Laser Hair Removal How long

It depends on the size of the area to be built. While driving between 4 and 10 percent of the time, they can find an hour in the darts.

The most popular lasers for hair removal use a low-energy laser beam; This laser beam is adjusted to the color of your skin, the color, the thickness and the position of the hair to be removed.
Before the operation is completely started, a test operation is performed by directing the laser light to the designated area.
The low-energy laser beam is absorbed by the color pigment of your hair root, going under your skin. It is observed that these settings give a positive and correct result and there is a reaction which is not against the treatment.

If the test results in success, the same laser beam is systematically directed to other areas.
Actively growing hair follicles are immediately and permanently inactivated by treatment.
But, like our hair, other body hair has a life cycle. These are modal sleeping spells that span growth. Follicles that are in sleep mode during treatment are not affected by treatment. These will be extended later. Therefore, more than one session is required to provide a completely permanent treatment.

When the process is completed, ice packs, cold water or anti-inflammatory creams or lotions may be given to relieve the discomfort areas and reduce discomfort.
Multiple sessions are required to get the best results. Usually three to eight sessions are needed at the beginning. However, additional treatments may be expected, particularly in cases of endogenous hormone secretion or subsequent treatment if you use an externally-dependent hormone.

Does laser epilation last forever?

Epilation will provide a lasting solution over time as it targets hair follicles. You may need a seanstan extra to get a permanent solution.
Who can make Laser Hair Removal?

Anyone who does not have a negative medical condition for the procedure can do laser epilation.

People who do not apply laser hair removal or who may have problems applying.

  1.     It is not applicable because it is a problem to catch the pigments in the bronze skin.
  2.     Fine and fine tuning is required for dark hair and dark skin color.
  3.      Reacutte users are more reliable if they have cut this medicine about 1 month ago. If the drug is not used, the practitioner must be very careful in choosing energy.
  4.     Increased light sensitivity (collegenase) is not applied in diseases such as laser
  5.     The active herpes, warts are not applied to the laser (the laser may cause the disease to spread)
  6.     If there is a wound, the laser is not applied.
  7.     I do not shoot the laser on the nevus.

Things to watch out for after Sean

  •     Take care of the humidifier
  •     Irritation such as peeling should be avoided.
  •     Regular sessions should be scheduled
  •     Must be avoided from the sun and sunscreen applied


  1.   Flushing and irritation will take a few hours.
  2.  If edema occurs, it will improve in a couple of days.    
  3.  Acne formation can last up to 6 months.
  4. Satisfactory results are often necessary in many sessions to get results.
  5. Dark-skinned patients may not get good response due to insufficient mismatch between skin and hair color
  6. Blond or gray / white hair is less sensitive due to lack of abundant pigment in hair

What are Laser Hair Removal Prices?

As Esteworld Wide, we do not find it useful to take the answers of these sroats directly on the intenret. Hair removal prices will vary depending on the size and center of use.


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